I'm Tori Hapoienu, the owner of Lucy Lola, and I'm so glad you're here! I’m 28 years old, I am from New York but currently live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and I am also a certified Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counselor. I love cheese, my dog Peaches, my boyfriend, reading and my supportive family. 
My mission in life is to create things that bring others happiness, creating something for you to wear to enhance your already natural beauty is my goal. I love hearing from happy customers about something that I've made for them. Seeing other people look and feel beautiful in something I created with my hands, well that's unlike any feeling I've ever felt before, and I never want it to end! 
Making and designing jewelry has always been something that I've loved to do. Ever since I can remember, I've always made trips to bead and charm stores so I could make my own unique necklaces and earrings to wear. I remember saving all the pendants and broken chains to all of my jewelry so that I could reassemble them in new ways to create different fun things to wear.
The love for jewelry also stems throughout my family. My mom has always worked in the fashion industry. She would always take me to fashion week and trade shows in the city which I always found so exciting. My dad has also always been quite the accessory man himself and loves to wear unique bracelets and necklaces to add some personality to an outfit. 
Both of my grandma's have also always loved jewelry too! Unfortunately, I never got to meet my dad's mom, but I've been told that she never left the house without a pair of earrings!
Probably the most fascinated by jewelry in my family would have to be my Grandma Lucy. Her whole life she's always had quite the extensive collection of all types of crystals and gemstones that I would always drool over. She lived with us, so I always got to go upstairs to her apartment and look at all the pretty things she had on display in the rooms of her house. When I turned 15, she decided I was old enough to start using some of her things to incorporate into the jewelry I was making.  
My grandma's name is Lucy, and her mother's name was Lola. Always loving both of these names, and because of my grandma's influence on my love for creating jewelry, I decided to name my company Lucy Lola. I began creating with the crystals and gemstones that my grandma gave me and then went on to also fall absolutely in love with polymer clay. 

I love hearing from people! Have a question? Just want to chat? Don't ever hesitate to contact me!