Terms & Conditions


All US purchases over $35 will qualify for free shipping.

All International purchases over $75 will qualify for free shipping. 

Shape Cutters:

3D printed cutters are made-to-order and will be made and shipped within 3-8 business days of purchase. 

Batch Earrings: 

Earrings that are not made-to-order will be made in small collections/batches and added to the site every few weeks. These earrings will be ready to ship out in 1-5 business days.

Custom Orders: 

I gladly accept custom orders! Feel free to send an email to info@lucylola.com with any ideas you have for a custom pair of earrings. It can be a completely new idea that you would like or a different version of earrings I've already made.  

Returns and Exchanges: 

  • All returns and exchanges will be met on a case by case basis 

I want you to be really happy with your purchase. If there's anything wrong please reach out and let me know! 

 Earring Care:

While clay earrings are extremely durable, they are not indestructible. Please be gentle with your earrings, but also know that if dropped they will not crack or break. (And I mean I've dropped mine countless times and have yet to damage or break a pair!) Clay is susceptible to scratches by other rough materials, so it's best to store your earrings in a safe place. 

If you notice your earrings are dirty or have makeup on them, simply wet a q-tip with (clear) nail polish remover and gently wipe away any dirt!


Please note when buying earrings from me, because they are handmade they may differ *slightly* from each other, and the display photo on the website.

Please also keep in mind that handmade means not perfect! While I work my butt off to ensure everything I make is as perfect as possible, small flaws are inevitable sometimes, but in my opinion, also part of the charm of handmade items!